Independent QA for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology

Founded in 2004 EqualEstro’s mission is to bring excellence in patient care by providing our customers with a full range of services and products in quality control within the specific field of radiation oncology. Quality is synonym of excellence and continuous development. This is why EqualEstro is committed to develop quality control solutions to cover all the existing radiotherapy techniques.
EqualEstro Headquarters
20bis rue Louis Philippe
92200 Neully-sur-Seine France
EqualClinic Center
3 Place de l’Alma, bte3
1200 Brussels Belgium
Phone: +32 2 776 81 59
Fax: +32 2 772 26 11
EqualCheck Laboratory
114 Rue Edouard Vaillant
94805 Villejuif Cedex France
Phone: +33 142115050
Fax: +33 142115361