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EqualEstro Pharma Solutions

The field of therapies combining drugs and radiotherapy is widening very swiftly, opening new potentials for highly targeted and individualized cancer treatments. Less side effects and lower recurrence rates have been demonstrated already. Conducting studies combining drugs and radiotherapy is a complex and costly venture. Increasing reliability of the results, decreasing time to market and cost of the studies is crucial.

EqualEstro makes sure that the radiotherapy involved in clinical trials is performed in a safe and homogeneous way throughout the study by working with audited centers and continuously monitoring and controlling the radiotherapy treatment of each patient in real time. Transparency of the results is total and accessible to the sponsor.

EqualEstro is working with more than 300 radiotherapy centers worldwide overcoming cultural, language and methodological barriers. The selection of centers is a crucial efficiency factor. The number of participating centers is increasing rapidly ensuring a higher rate of patient inclusion. An international network of experts is involved in each study. These experts are helping to design radiotherapy protocols. They are auditing the centers. They review patient treatment plans before treatment delivery.

They make certain that every patient will be treated according to best practices and in conformity to the agreed protocol. Experts are undergoing a continuous quality control procedure to ensure the highest possible uniformity and reliability of the review process. Overall EqualEstro will make sure that the study will be able to demonstrate with certainty the effect of the drug with a very low patient rejection rate and the highest study management efficiency. EqualEstro is an external quality assurance partner to the sponsor of the study. Its independence guarantees better FDA compliance.