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Why Quality Assurance is a necessity?

Radiotherapy today is developing at a speed   never seen before. New technical solutions emerge   everyday, bringing us new and better ways of helping our patients. This presents us with the problem of keeping up the pace regarding the quality assurance (QA) programs of our centers to ensure the safety and accuracy of the treatment we give.
New standards of care are adopted based on the best treatment arm from clinical trials involving radiotherapy. The role of quality assurance in these cases is to ensure that all patients in each trial arm are treated comparably so the outcomes of these trials are valid. To ensure this, the sponsors are looking to cooperate with validated radiotherapy centers.    
With the diversity in routines and techniques between centers, quality assurance through external audits from independent QA centers are more and more becoming a part of the standard process to assure the homogeneity and reliability of the radiotherapy treatment.